Containers – collapsible and solid
Product category: Containers

We produce thermal insulated cabins from polyurethane panels with a thickness of:

  • walls – 60 mm
  • floor – 100 mm
  • roof – 50 mm

Panel thickness may vary according to the requirements of the customer.

Complete with a bearing framework, PVC joinery door and windows

Prefabricated house
Product category: Containers

Living area of 35 m2

Supported by a galvanized steel structure with bolted joints. The walls and roof are made from polyurethane panels, with PVC joinery windows and a secured insulated front door.

Portable Cooling Chamber
Product category: Containers

Polyurethane panels B=100mm
Stainless steel columns
Adjustable base supports
Transportation ring-hooks
Hinged coldroom door 1000x2000mm
Waterproof plywood flooring
Sanitary profiles in compliance with the requirements of the HACCP
External dimensions L/W/H 600/250/280 cm
Weight 1700 kg